Today’s Passage: Genesis 2:15-24

Today’s Message: God creates in us a heart for and through service and obedience because of the rest made accomplished by the person and work of Jesus Christ.

  1. God orders and designs us to be (Genesis 2:15-17)

a. In Genesis 2:7-8, God places Adam in the first field, the paradise in Eden. 2:15 further tells us what Adam is suppose in Eden.

b. Before we discuss what we are to do we must what is a . What does it mean to be made in ?

c. Man is designed to God and to be for His mission.

d. God commissioned us with a task (1 Peter 2:4-6; Hebrews 4:14).

  1. God calls us to with one another to accomplish His mission (Genesis 2:18-20)
  1. Do you think God cares for you to do life alone? (See Genesis 2:18)
  2. Was Adam ? Does it matter if He felt lonely? Adam was in fellowship with God and was satisfied yet God showed His kindness by providing a partner.
  3. We must see male and female as in their person and roles and not as .

3.  God designs marriage for and (Genesis 2:21-24)

a. Male and female are called to the one true God and called to Him by following His mission.

b. Adam complete the mission to fill the earth with worshippers the help of Eve.

c. Eve is to help Adam in completing the mission in whatever ways he may need assistance (i.e. birthing, encouragement, loving care, companionship, worship, and more)

d. They each other by focusing on the mission,

e. is God’s image of His love. (See Ephesians 5:25, 32)

God creates in us a heart for worship and mission through service and obedience because of the rest made accomplished by the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Today’s Passage: Genesis 2:8-14

Today’s Message: God is on to place His people to generosity and equips them to in it.

  1. God is a God (Genesis 2:8)

a. God man to particular places and the first man with a mission.

b. God is the one who the mission.

c. Reference of “” gives us a of God’s promise to man of land, seed, and blessing.

  1. Man Made for -Made Missions (Genesis 2:9)

a. Are you on a mission to serve God or yourself?

      b. The two trees is a sign of a .

      c. God’s was that we would complete the test by His promise of .

3.  The First (Genesis 2:10-14)

      a. The first missionary field was a land that is flourishing and is good and is without sin!

b. Missions exist because it was by God’s and . God is a God.

      c. is no longer the main missionary-sending continent of the world. Instead, has become the main mission field in today’s world.


God is on mission to place His people to foster generosity and equips them to flourish in it.

Today’s Passage: Romans 6:1-14

Today’s Message: Easter is about creation, fall, redemption, and restoration and to be celebrated every Sunday and to be reflected in everyday life in Christ .

  1. His Story is about

      a. Scripture flows from Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Recreation but also interweaves throughout God’s progressive revelation.

      b. We were created in His Image – to live a life that honors God and to excel in work that makes God famous (i.e. to glorify Him).

      c. What is your ? To God and Him forever.

      d. Why do we miss this point?

  1. His Story is about the

      a. We were to be ambassadors of God having rule and dominion over creation (Genesis 1-2).

    1. We ! We .
    2. Romans 5:18-21 summarizes how we got to created to rule to how we failed to accomplish God’s purpose.
      1. Condemnation through the first Adam – righteousness through the second Adam.
    3. We are still commissioned to be ambassadors for God as His disciples.

3.  His Story is about

      a. We are dead in sin through Christ work and person ———> Romans 6:3-4

      b. We do not continue to sin yet we live in the tension (in our redemption and sanctification) that we are saved sinners yet no longer held captive by sin. (Romans 6:9) Death will be put to death.

3.  His Story is about

      a. Romans 5:21 claim is that we have eternal life . Therefore, Romans 6:12-14 states that we are instruments of and not instruments of .


Easter is His Story about creation, fall, redemption, and restoration

and to be celebrated every Sunday and to be reflected in everyday life in Christ alone.

Today’s Passage: Genesis 2:4-7

Today’s Message: God created you to a habit to .

  1. God’s summary statement of . (Genesis 2:4)
    1. What does our passage today follow? We find in Genesis 2:1-3. Today, we find in 2:4-7.
    2. Verse 4 is a statement of the record of what happened in God’s creation.
  2. The of Creation. (Genesis 2:5-7)
    1. The earth was and for lack of any rain and any man, but the soil was being watered by the mist.
  3. The crowing point of creation = we were created to . (Genesis 2:3)
    1. “With the world in its infancy, the LORD God created the first man with the capacity to God and the responsibility to keep God’s commands, placing him in a perfect environment with every provision and completing him with a corresponding partner in the of God.” ~Allen Ross, Creation and Blessing
    2. The breath is more than to the man of earth (2:7); it brings understanding (Job 32:8) and a conscience (Proverb 20:27). By virtue of God’s breathing, man was given the capacity to know what is and .


God created you to cultivate a habit of service.


Today’s Passage: Genesis 2:1-3

Today’s Message: God created you to a habit of .


1. You are created to . (Genesis 2:1)

a. What does our passage today follow? According to Genesis 1:

  1. what God says is made complete.
  2. of the goodness of God.
  3. we are to embrace and to experience as a new reality.

b. Complementary days (Compare Genesis 1:1 and 2:1)

c. Finished work of Creation. In the Hebrew, finished means .

d. God created the world to the good character of God and His glory.

e. What is the problem with this picture?


2. The result of God’s work in . (Genesis 2:2)

a. God is not but . God doesn’t tire or abandon His creation.

b. God gave us an example to follow – . He started and finished the work for us:

  1. In
  2. In

c. God by respecting how He us. We need to rest.


3. The result of God’s work to bless. (Genesis 2:3)

a. is too busy to rest. But is disobedient if they don’t set a time to rest.

b. What do believers today learn from the creation account (Allen P. Ross)?

  1. God is a God who changes the darkness to , death to , and chaos to .
  2. That God is sovereign over all life and all pagan ideas that would contend for our .
  3. That God works by His powerful Word – to , to , and to .


As we close our time in Genesis 2:1-3, let us remember the theological significance it bore on the nation of Israel when they were taken from slavery to freedom, as they were taken from the world of pagans and their worship to idols who were living in a life in chaos then being transferred to God’s kingdom of light, even the Lord Himself commissions the newly redeemed nation to represent Him to have dominion, fruitfulness, and rest in the Land of Promise. So also, we as Christians learn the theological significance that we to are to witness and experience the same power of God’s word in creation to impact our very lives and to obey Him. Believer’s today can enter a place of rest, the Lord’s Day/Sabbath, and help you become better sojourners to live a life set apart by God. The challenge is to trust not in our own works or skills but to find contentment and confidence in the work of God alone, in particular, the person and work of Christ alone is what is sufficient and satisfies us.The truth that God created us to allow margins in our lives to rest should empower us not give us more excuses. Rest does not necessarily mean no work or the absence, but moreover that we can rely on God’s daily provision to help us through. God does provide for our needs. Knowing that God provides means we lack nothing and are fit to serve God in the spirit of contentment. Remember to message from the message today:

God created you to cultivate a habit of rest.

Keep this in mind… Throughout our journey through Genesis let us keep in mind: the more we learn of His Heritage the more we learn of our inheritance.

Today’s Passage: Genesis 1:26-31

Today’s Message: God created a desire to devote .


1. God . (Genesis 1:26-27)

a. What did God say so far based on Genesis 1? We learn that God always accomplishes what He says. Therefore, we are not to but to God’s Word come to fulfillment. For God’s Word !

b. “Let us” have been viewed in 5 ways:

  1. Reference to the
  2. Highlighting
  3. (not the God of the Bible).
  • We see God as (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and in His rule and reign deserves the credit for the science and art of creation. (Adopting points 1 and 4 above)

c. Old Testament Quotations and Allusions in the New Testament:

  1. Created in His likeness in true righteousness and holiness. (Ephesians 4:24)
  2. Renewed in knowledge in the lioness of our Creator. (Colossians 3:10)
  3. In the context of taming our tongue (or lack of it), we are to respect our fellow image bearers. (James 3:9)
  • God us, us, into us worth, value, and roles to play in His creation.


2. God . (Genesis 1:28)

a. God us.

  • It brings God joy to and He ordains and care for the and gives us to His creation.

b. The first three commands in God’s blessing is in regards to the.

  • The first three commands are: 1. 2. , 3. the earth.

c. The last commands in God’s blessing is in regard to our .

  • The. last two commands are: 1. the earth and 2. over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air.

d. In the New Testament we see this command in a more full sense in (Matthew 28:18-20).


2. God . (Genesis 1:29-31)

a. God provides food for all creation.

b. God closes His account of Creation and makes an elaborated response to let us know what He thinks: All of creation was good, but when He created man He thought it was

c. What are we to do when we fail to see evidence of God’s provision and care? We are to remember we live and rely on, not on bread alone (Matthew 4:4).



Our desire is not to be cut short to a wish but to press on and be experienced in devotion. Listen! God created you to live out in HIs image and likeness. We know how to do this much more concrete because Christ laid down His own life and raised from the grave to raise us to new life so we can walk in Christlikeness. He commissioned you to employ you to be faithful husband, wives, parents, children, friends, and neighbor. To rule the world in His desire to see everyone come to Christ and find life in His name. God cares for you as He gives and takes away. In the moments we feel abandoned let us remember today He cares. He was tempted like us but did not give in to the test of the sin. We did. Yet He gave us what we don’t deserve, redemption, rescue, power to fight, because He is paved the way, made the way, and is the Way.

God created in you a desire to devote in Him.

When you think about suffering, what comes to mind? Do you envision bedraggled children with distended stomachs, a hospital patient hooked up to life-sustaining medical equipment, or a courageous veteran dealing with the aftermath of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Adversity seems to be a common denominator to human existence, but what does the Bible have to say about suffering?

Jesus spoke to His disciples about suffering. One of the most well-known verses reads, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Matthew 16:24 ESV). The Greek word for cross in this verse is staurós. It refers to the crossbeam which the lowest criminals carried as they trudged toward their execution. The cross symbolized degradation and indescribable pain as well as sacrifice.

While the invitation to eternal life is free, it comes at a price–certain suffering.


Keep this in mind… Throughout our journey through Genesis let us keep in mind: the more we learn of the more we learn of .


Today’s Passage: Genesis 1:1


Today’s Message: Because God is have a for our .

  • The problem today is that we are too focused, too concerned, too caught up on the things of this world that it distracts us from what God intended. The more we realize the distance between Creator and creature the more we will discover our worth and purpose. You are here today to be reminded that our passage teaches us that no matter how big we feel the problems we face God is always bigger.
  • “The opening sentence of Holy Writ is not to be philosophized about, but is presented as a statement of truth to be received with unquestioning faith.” ~A.W. Pink on Genesis 1:1

The Bible’s opening verse, which is seven words in the Hebrew, establishes seven key truths that we are to adopt to learn of our inheritance.

  1. God .
  2. God is .
  3. God is the  the Bible.
  4. God is the Great and .
  5. God is .
  6. God is  of heaven and earth.
  7. He alone is .

Conclusion: In this passage, we learn the foundation of our faith. We learn of our foundation summarized in seven key truths above. The more we learn of His Heritage the more we learn of our inheritance. Genesis 1:1 serves as a reminder, encouragement, even an admonishment that because God is our maker we have a firm foundation for our faith. We cannot be shaken when trouble comes our way because God is unshakable. We cannot lose hope because the reality of our hope in Christ has been laid out before the foundation of the world.

Our hope will outlive all our doubts and fears. Rest in this and leave the rest to God.