Today’s Passage: Genesis 4:9-14

Today’s Message: God is a judge, let us our blessings and our sins.

1. God of .

  • God is the of life.
    • The Bible teaches:
              1. God created and sustains life.
              2. God shows mercy.
              3. God is a righteous judge.
              4. God’s ways are supreme.
              5. God always relates to His creation, Creator and/or Redeemer.
  • God’s to Cain and His is the outworking of what the Bible teaches above.

2. The of Cain and Abel

  • The Way of True .
          • Cain’s guilt.
          • Cain’s dismissal.
          • Cain represents. A Hopeless Wanderer.
  • The Way of True .
          • Abel the victim.
          • Abel’s faith.
          • Abel represents. A Hopeful Wonderer.

3. The of a True Believer

  • The Way of the Gospel.
    • The way of the Gospel is a story and it tells us the truth, the life, and the way.
    • The Way of the Gospel does not contradict our first point, the God of Life but marries it and applies it to those who bear the true faith.
    • We have access to God because of Jesus, we are baptized because our union with Jesus, we partake in communion because we are citizens of God’s Kingdom, we have fellowship and share the same love and Spirit because of Jesus.
  • The Marks of a True Christian, as stated in Romans 12:9-21.


  • Pastoral Charge: Our faith cannot be neutral. We cannot restrict our faith to church and home. We need to share our faith because the world to come is coming and this world will pass away and so will all who do not look to Jesus as the way the truth and the life. This passing world will also be like Cain, led by unbelief, enjoying their life buried in their sin and misery, they will not respect our faith if we simply keep it at church and in the home. Share Christ in your homes, enjoy the fellowship we have at church, but also be the light in the dark places in your vocational field. Your vocational field is your calling. Although we are not called to redeem organizations and create civil institutions to become Christian institutions (Kingdom of Common Grace) but we do call those within those environments to the blessed Christian institution of church, marriage, and family.

God is a merciful judge, let us count our blessings and confess our sins.

Today’s Passage: Genesis 4:1-8

Today’s Message: By the of God He redeems you to Him, you are to your life devoted to love and serve Him alone.

1. of God’s Saving Grace.

   Subpoint #1.  Provision from the Lord, Cain and Abel

  1. Creation Mandate fulfilled, the blessing of God’s Promise (in the Promised Seed)
  2. Employed in a fallen world, a shepherd of sheep and a worker of the ground

   [Application]  You were to worship.

2. of God’s Saving Grace.

   Subpoint #1.  Devoted to God by offering a sacrifice, Cain brought an offering but Abel brought the best he had.

   Subpoint #2.  God regards Abel’s offering by his faith, Cain’s unbelief led to anger and sin’s control.

   [Application]  You are to worship.

3. of God’s Saving Grace.

   Subpoint #1. Abel’s response in faith vs. Cain’s response in unbelief.

a. Cain unable to master sin and murders Abel.

b. Cain devoted to himself, Able devoted to God (Hebrews 11:4).

   [Application] You are to worship.

Conclusion: The recognition, redemption, hope, devotion, it all begins at home. This is where we witness the Lord’s provision, this is the everyday occasion of experiencing God’s saving grace, this is the place where pastors/elders are made, confirmed, and trained in. If we can’t worship God in our own homes how do we call a community to join us? The battle begins at home. Know your enemy (sin and sinful desires) and know whom you serve.

By the saving grace of God He redeems you to worship Him, you are to offer your life devoted to love and serve Him alone.

Today’s Passage: Genesis 3:22-24

Today’s Message: God His people for His and for their you are not exempt.

Point #1 – The reality of sin .

  1. Satan planes for us to taste .
  2. God plans for us to taste .

Point# 2- The reality of sin .

  1. Man from the garden.
  2. God’s in our exile.

Point #3- The reality of sin .

  1. The Purpose
  2. The Purpose

Things to consider:

  • How does the fall relate to us?
  • “No study of Genesis 3 would be complete without meditating upon it with the Lord Jesus before the heart.” ~ A.W. Pink
  • In thinking of Christ and the Fall Pink observes a threefold development:
  1. A contrast between the first man and the second man in their characters and conduct.
  2. Christ Himself bearing the Curse of the Fall.
  3. Christ reversing the effects of the Fall and brining in the “better thing.”

Conclusion: You are not exempt Christian! God scatters and sends His people (disciples) for His glory and for us to grow in our faith.

Today’s Passage: Genesis 3:8-21

Today’s Message: God’s cannot be measured. God’s grace is than your

Question for today: How does God respond to your sin?

  1. God responds to sin by .
  1. Adam’s guilt caused him to and .
  2. God’s allows Adam to .
  1. God responds to sin by .
  1. Because of Adam’s he blame shifts.
  2. Because God is in sovereign rule and reign God’s promise your shame.
  3. God responds to sin by .
  1. Man is clothed in fig leaves which reveals his .
  2. God clothes them and reveals His .

Conclusion: It is easy to give in to the lie of our sin and give up hope. But God makes a way for us to trust and follow Him. He delights when we confess our sin and turn to Him, in turn He unloads to us His compassion.

Today’s Passage: Romans 4:13-25

Introduction: Abraham’s faith wasn’t a passive belief; it was an active, living trust in God’s promises, even when reality seemed to contradict them. This kind of faith holds onto God’s word with confidence, knowing that He is faithful and powerful enough to fulfill what He has promised. Having this faith moves us into action as we share our confidence in God’s promises with others.


Transformational Point: Are we holding onto His , even when circumstances seem ?


1.    The Foundation of the


2.    What is the nature of Abraham’s ?

a. Abraham’s faith was .

b. It was a faith through adversity.

c. It was oriented.

3.    Connecting Abraham’s to our today.

a. Faith counted as

b. Encourages deeper in Christ.

c. Encourages us to our faith with others.

Today’s Passage: Genesis 3:1-7

Today’s Message: God’s Word is , in Him.

Question for today: Ho do you in Him?

  1. We trust in Him by .

a. Eve knew God’s Word but it was not .

b. What did Eve fail to retain from God’s Word?

1. The Lord’s was missed.

2. Eve added to God’s .

3. Eve weakened the .

c. Believe in God’s Word. Nothing and nothing .

  1. We trust in Him .

a. First attack = “

b. Second attack = “

c. The Christian Under Attack (Revelation 2:8-11).

1. The Lord is bigger than our problems.

2. Jesus went through death and conquered it; therefore, we can conquer death and be victorious.

3. Jesus is fully aware of our challenges we face.

4. He is aware of our weakness.

5. Jesus sets the limits for Stan’s afflictions.

d. We obey no because we see the fruit in it but we obey because we are deeply rooted in our faith in Jesus!

  1. We trust in Him .

a. Eve , , and .

b. Adam and .

c. Christians are to to God’s Word, meditate and in it, and to know Him more.

Conclusion: How do you trust in Jesus? We trust in Him by believing, obeying, and searching His Word (the Bible). Because God’s Word is true, we trust in Him.

Today’s Passage: Genesis 2:25

Today’s Message: The truth is the life we desire is found when we God.

  1. A God Who Good

a. How do we end up with man and women and ?

b. Verse 25 is the expressed and lived out from what the Bible teaches on (see vv. 18-24).

c. God is not only to man before the fall but even to fallen mankind.

  1. A God Who Creates for Good

a. What is the of good? Why does it matter? Because good is relentlessly being under by .

b. Spiritual warfare is a thing.

  1. God’s Image Bearers and Their Good

a. Man was created and because they imaged their maker who is and .

b. What is corruption? Corruption us .

c. What is the purpose of good if evil exist?

Conclusion: The truth is the good life we desire is found when we follow God.

Today’s Passage: Genesis 2:15-24

Today’s Message: God creates in us a heart for and through service and obedience because of the rest made accomplished by the person and work of Jesus Christ.

  1. God orders and designs us to be (Genesis 2:15-17)

a. In Genesis 2:7-8, God places Adam in the first field, the paradise in Eden. 2:15 further tells us what Adam is suppose in Eden.

b. Before we discuss what we are to do we must what is a . What does it mean to be made in ?

c. Man is designed to God and to be for His mission.

d. God commissioned us with a task (1 Peter 2:4-6; Hebrews 4:14).

  1. God calls us to with one another to accomplish His mission (Genesis 2:18-20)
  1. Do you think God cares for you to do life alone? (See Genesis 2:18)
  2. Was Adam ? Does it matter if He felt lonely? Adam was in fellowship with God and was satisfied yet God showed His kindness by providing a partner.
  3. We must see male and female as in their person and roles and not as .

3.  God designs marriage for and (Genesis 2:21-24)

a. Male and female are called to the one true God and called to Him by following His mission.

b. Adam complete the mission to fill the earth with worshippers the help of Eve.

c. Eve is to help Adam in completing the mission in whatever ways he may need assistance (i.e. birthing, encouragement, loving care, companionship, worship, and more)

d. They each other by focusing on the mission,

e. is God’s image of His love. (See Ephesians 5:25, 32)

God creates in us a heart for worship and mission through service and obedience because of the rest made accomplished by the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Today’s Passage: Genesis 2:8-14

Today’s Message: God is on to place His people to generosity and equips them to in it.

  1. God is a God (Genesis 2:8)

a. God man to particular places and the first man with a mission.

b. God is the one who the mission.

c. Reference of “” gives us a of God’s promise to man of land, seed, and blessing.

  1. Man Made for -Made Missions (Genesis 2:9)

a. Are you on a mission to serve God or yourself?

      b. The two trees is a sign of a .

      c. God’s was that we would complete the test by His promise of .

3.  The First (Genesis 2:10-14)

      a. The first missionary field was a land that is flourishing and is good and is without sin!

b. Missions exist because it was by God’s and . God is a God.

      c. is no longer the main missionary-sending continent of the world. Instead, has become the main mission field in today’s world.


God is on mission to place His people to foster generosity and equips them to flourish in it.

Today’s Passage: Romans 6:1-14

Today’s Message: Easter is about creation, fall, redemption, and restoration and to be celebrated every Sunday and to be reflected in everyday life in Christ .

  1. His Story is about

      a. Scripture flows from Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Recreation but also interweaves throughout God’s progressive revelation.

      b. We were created in His Image – to live a life that honors God and to excel in work that makes God famous (i.e. to glorify Him).

      c. What is your ? To God and Him forever.

      d. Why do we miss this point?

  1. His Story is about the

      a. We were to be ambassadors of God having rule and dominion over creation (Genesis 1-2).

    1. We ! We .
    2. Romans 5:18-21 summarizes how we got to created to rule to how we failed to accomplish God’s purpose.
      1. Condemnation through the first Adam – righteousness through the second Adam.
    3. We are still commissioned to be ambassadors for God as His disciples.

3.  His Story is about

      a. We are dead in sin through Christ work and person ———> Romans 6:3-4

      b. We do not continue to sin yet we live in the tension (in our redemption and sanctification) that we are saved sinners yet no longer held captive by sin. (Romans 6:9) Death will be put to death.

3.  His Story is about

      a. Romans 5:21 claim is that we have eternal life . Therefore, Romans 6:12-14 states that we are instruments of and not instruments of .


Easter is His Story about creation, fall, redemption, and restoration

and to be celebrated every Sunday and to be reflected in everyday life in Christ alone.