June 12, 2022   /   Big Valley Grace Community Church


Mark 1:21-39

I. Why did the gospel writers write?

II. What impressed the fisherman?

A. (36x/35v)

B. (33x/31v)

C. (29x/27v)

D. Displays of  (21x/16c)

E. People  Jesus (23x/22v)

III. So much so, that when asked…
are the , the Son of the living God!” (Mark 8:29; Matt. 16:16; Luke 9:20)

IV. While in Capernaum…

A.  (v. 21)

B. Teaching was ! (v. 22, 27)

C. Encounter with  (v. 23-26; 3:11)

D. News spread ! (v. 28)

E. Peter’s  (v. 29-31)

F. The  shows up! (v. 32-34)

G. Jesus  ! (v. 35-39)

V. Why did Jesus pray?

A. He for the Father (John 1:1-2; 14:10; Mark 15:34)

B. To do the  of the Father (John 7:16; 8:28; 14:24)

VI. When did Jesus pray?

A. It was His  (Luke 5:16; 9:18; 11:1; 18:1)

B. Before His day got  (Mark 1:35)

C. After a  day (Matt. 14:23; Mark 6:46)

D. Before  decisions (Luke 6:12)

E. Times of great  (Matt. 26:36; Mark 14:32)

VII. When should we pray?

Follow Christ’s  ! (John 13:15; Luke 11:1-4; 18:1)

VIII.Why should we pray?

A.  (Jeremiah 33:3; 29:11-14)

B.  (1 Peter 5:6-7)

C.  (Phil. 4:6-7)

D.  (Matthew 6:5-6)

E.  (1 Peter 5:8-11; Eph. 6:10-20)

Prayer delights God’s ear, it melts His heart, it opens His hand: God cannot deny a praying soul. (Thomas Watson)

IX. Question…

 and  do you seek the Lord? 

X. Our prayer…



1.  Reread Mark 1:21-39.

2. What has stood out to you as you have been reading in Mark? 

3. Why do the demons/unclean spirits so readily recognize Jesus?
   What was their emotional response in being in His presence? 

4. What hinders our ability to recognize Jesus as who He is? 

5. What is it about Jesus that stands out to you as you have been studying Mark? 

6. What is your habit of prayer?     
   What has helped you in developing a closer relationship with the Lord? 

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