How to avoid Burnout Part 1

October 16, 2022   /   Bolton Community Church

I want to thank you for being a part of today’s service.  It is my goal to bring the word of God alive through readings and stories.  I know that you time is valuable and I want you to know how much I appreciate you willing to expand your faith with us this morning.

Pastor Scotty


Read 18:1, 13-27.

Often others expect us to do things for them that they should be doing for themselves. Look at verse 20 – the reason Moses was to teach them the law was so they would know what they should and should not be doing. Often we don’t want to read our Bibles and figure out God’s truth: we want someone to tell it to us in a plain, simple way that a five year old can understand. Yet, while much of God’s word can be understood by five year olds, there is much deep truth that 50 year olds in the faith struggle with.

So many people use the excuse that they aren’t being fed. Dick Eastman tells them, “Get your own fork!” It’s not the job of the pastor or board or church or any other person to do for us what we should be doing ourselves. Let’s make sure that we help people where they need help, but let’s not do for others what they need to be doing for themselves.

Look with me in this chapter at this great man of God. This is the prophet who has just called fire down out of heaven. This is the man of God who prayed and it had not rained for 3 and 1/2 years. Yet, here he is, afraid of a woman and running for his life. He is all wrapped up in his fears. Often Satan seeks to defeat us in the area of our fears.




Sometimes, we realize that t. We are doing exactly , but we want to give up. We get tired. Look with me in Judges 8. 

Are you depressed, discouraged, worn out, burned out, plagued by worry, fear, and despair? Find encouragement in the Lord your God! let him make himself real in your life and renew the joy of your salvation.


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