knowing Your Season

July 17, 2022   /   Bolton Community Church

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In part one of this series that I delivered last week, I used as an illustration 3 bananas to demonstrate three different seasons that a person could be in while growing in their relationship with God. The first banana was still green and was in need of more time to ripen. This banana represented a Christian who has accepted Christ and started on their Christian walk. However, because they are so new, they have not gone through all of their seasons that God will walk them through during their time of preparation. The second banana was fully ripe and ready to eat. It represented a Christian who understood what God was directing them to do and they had taken the time to get prepared to do it. These Christians understand that seasons will come and it is their responsibility to respond to the seasons not the other way around. The third banana was over-ripe, brown, and mushy. This banana represented a Christian who had gone through their season and experienced some tough times. Although God was still with them, they never made it out of one season. Even though they tried, they just could not break free of their situation and stopped growing spiritually. My final question to you last week was “Which banana represents you as a Christian?”

This morning we will continue with the series by examining some of the different seasons we experience.

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