Overcoming Discouragement – Nehemiah 4

February 18, 2024   /   Bolton Community Church

Good morning and thank you for coming to Bolton Community Church and I am thankful for you taking the time to worship with us this morning.  This morning we will continue our journey through the book of the Nehemiah.  Today we will be in chapter 4 and looking at Overcoming Discouragement .  If you have any questions about today’s sermon or want to know more what is means to be “born again” please see me after today’s service.







Questions of Reflection from Nehemiah 4 – Opposition from the Enemy & Perseverance

1. Introduction: Have you ever had a project that you felt like giving up on but paid dividends when you stuck it through?

12. On whom did Nehemiah keep the focus ( v. 4:9, 14, 20)

13. Nehemiah had a sidekick who would rush to the place of need and sound the alarm. Do we have friends that can help us in the hour of need?( v. 4:18)

14. The battle lines are drawn and every person was ready for battle – they had their swords, spears and other weapons ready beside them. Are you equipped for the spiritual battle that is raging? Do you carry your weapons with you? ( Eph 6:11 – 18; 2 Cor 10:4,5)

15. How do you respond to opposition? Do you get distracted, challenged to work harder, give up, get frustrated, complain, seek new solutions, trust God more, etc…

When we run into roadblocks sometimes it is important to discuss the problem with a close friend. Is there someone else that you can share your heart with?



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