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The King’s Cross Part 11: “The Ransom”

March 10, 2024   /   Pastor Drew Brown   /   Crossroads Community Church

The King’s Cross (Part 11)

“The Ransom” (Mark 10:32-45)

March 10, 2024

Mark 10:32-34

Jesus knew his death was absolutely central to both his identity and his mission.

Jesus tells us for the first time why he will do it.

Mark 10:45

He came to be a substitutionary sacrifice

Jesus didn’t have to die despite God’s love; he had to die because of God’s love. And it had to be this way because all life-changing love is substitutionary sacrifice.

They had no idea that God would come and pay it himself! The cross is the self-substitution of God.

Mark 10:35-38

Their request reveals their complete lack of comprehension of what Jesus has just said.

When Jesus is in the actual moment of his greatest glory, there will be someone on his right and on his left, but they will be two criminals being crucified!

Their request reveals their superficial understanding of what it means to follow Jesus as his disciple, and their inflated opinion of their own importance!

The cup is almost always a metaphor for the judgment of God against evil.

Jesus uses the word “baptism” in the older sense of an overwhelming experience, an immersion.

Mark 10:38-45

A contrast between the way things are in the world and the way things are in the kingdom.

The way for us as followers of Jesus to win influence is through serving, rather than power and control.

Mark 10:45

The best way to increase your happiness is to actually do acts of selfless kindness.


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