7 Words for Worship

October 8, 2023   /   Pastor Obie Obien   /   City Church

Music is a that .

| Colossians 3:16 | Revelation 5:8 |

The of music is to move the heart. The of music is to move the heart

7 Words for Worship:

  • YADAH: To throw your while making a about God. 

| Psalm 63:1 |

  • BARAK: To in ; to God in .

| Psalm 95:6 | 1 Chronicles 29:20 | 

  • ZAMAR: to express in God’s presence.

| Psalm 98:4 | Psalm 57:8-9 |

  • TEHILLAH: To sing a song to the Lord from your

| Psalm 22:3 |

  • SHABACH: A of testimony. 

| Psalm 47:1 | Isaiah 12:6 |

  • TOWDAH: To lift your hands in a

| Psalm 107:22 | Psalm 50:14 |

  • HALAL: To and ; to be

| Psalm 150:1-6 |




What do you think?

Quickly read through the main points from Sunday’s message to jog your memory. What particular point stood out to you, challenged you, or raised a question for you?

The story of your life.

  1. What’s your favorite worship song right now?
  2. Musical worship is undeniably powerful. It is a wonderful tool to connect us to God the Father, to feel the grace of Jesus Christ the Son, and to experience the power of the Holy Spirit. But imagine (for a moment) that the year was 1823, 200 years ago. There were no portable music options. Perhaps the only music you heard regularly was your local church’s pianist who struggled at best. What kinds of ways could you imagine worshiping in that environment?

Digging Deeper.

  1. Pastor Obie talked about how the great king David was a worshiper. For today’s discussion, we will delve a little deeper into the topic of worship. The first story we’ll look at comes from 2 Chronicles 20. QUICK BACKSTORY: God’s people were at war with the nations around them and it wasn’t looking good. The king was scared and called for a nationwide fast to seek God. Read 2 Chronicles 20:1-19 and answer the following prompts.
    1. Have a few members of the group recap the story.
    2. What concrete steps did Jehoshaphat take before the battle?
    3. In this battle, the clear action step God wanted was waiting and praying. In your life, how do you discern whether to continue waiting and praying or whether it is time to take action on something?
  2. Now read the next part of the story (the following day) from 2 Chronicles 20:20-30. Then answer the following prompts.
    1. Have a few members of the group recap the story.
    2. What counter-intuitive steps did they take going into this battle? What does this show us about the power of worship?
    3. In what ways has God asked you to take counter-intuitive steps to fight the battles in your life?
  3. Let’s look at a couple verses from the Apostle Paul that speak about worship as a lifestyle (rather than musical worship). Read the following two sets of verses and share an insight about the kind of worship God is looking for.
    1. Romans 12:1.
    2. Ephesians 6:10-20.

Personal reflection and application.

  1. Have everyone share one thing someone else said that struck a chord with you.
  2. Break up into smaller groups for prayer (preferably men with men and women with women).
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