The Celebration of Advent

November 27, 2022   /   Pastor Wayne Palmer   /   City Church

  1. The Advent celebration begins Sundays before Christmas.
  2. Advent means “ and was established in the or century A.D.
  3. The symbol of Advent is a with four candles.
  4. The themes of Advent are found in a new candle on each of the .
  5. The four candles of Advent are in week one, in week two, in week three, and in week four.
  6. The wreath is symbolic of .
  7. The purpose of Advent was to get to look for the of the Lord.
  8. Key Verses for Advent in week one are:
    1. John 3:16
    2. Ephesians 2:8-9
    3. Romans 5:5
    4. Isaiah 9:6-7
    5. Hebrews 11:1-2
    6. I Corinthians 6:2




This is our last “normal” Small Group meeting for the year. Take some time to make plans for your group’s party for the week of December 4-10.

What do you think?

Looking back at Sunday’s message, what particular point stood out to you, challenged you, or raised a question for you?

The story of your life.

  1. Go around and have everyone share a highlight from Thanksgiving.
  2. What about the Christmas season do you look forward to the most? 
  3. On Sunday, Pastor Wayne talked about Advent, which means “the arrival.” One major part of this season is the hope for Jesus and His arrival. What is the last thing you hoped for? Did it play out like you thought it would?

Digging deeper.

  1. The first Sunday of Advent is generally 28 days before Christmas, and it sets the tone for the Christmas season. Let us start this advent season by reading the two accounts of the Christmas story so that we can set our hearts on the true reason for Christmas. 
    1. Read Matthew 1:18-24.
    2. Read Luke 2:1-20.
    3. What do these passages tell you about God/people/you?
  1. The arrival of Jesus on earth changed the course of human history and gave us the hope of Heaven to look forward to. Read the following verses and discuss the significance of each one in your own life. 
    1. Isaiah 9:6-7.
    2. John 3:16.
    3. 2 Corinthians 8:9.
    4. Hebrews 4:14–16.
    5. Hebrews 11:1-2.
    6. John 1:10-13.
    7. Which of these verses speaks to you the most?

Personal reflection and application.

  1. Have everyone share one thing someone else said during this discussion that struck a chord with you.
  2. Break up into smaller groups and pray for one another (preferably men with men and women with women).
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