Are You a Person of Want or Wonder?

November 26, 2022   /   Eddie Hyatt   /   Vineyard Church North Phoenix

Are You a Person of Want or Wonder?
Eddie Hyatt

I. Introduction

A. I Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NLT) 16Always be joyful. 17Never stop praying. 18Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

1. “Will” (“Thelo”) – – God’s to people, which can be accepted or rejected.

2. “You need to say, ‘‘Why? Because it will change your if you do.”

B. “It’s only with gratitude that life becomes rich.” (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

C. The level of “richness” in our life is to the frequency, and the sincerity, with which we learn to say, “Thank you”!

D. John 6:1-5 (NLT) 1After this, Jesus crossed over to the far side of the Sea of Galilee, also known as the Sea of Tiberias. 2A huge crowd kept following him wherever he went, because they saw his miraculous signs as he healed the sick. 3Then Jesus climbed a hill and sat down with his disciples around him. 4(It was nearly time for the Jewish Passover celebration.) 5Jesus soon saw a huge crowd of people coming to look for him. Turning to Philip, he asked, “Where can we buy bread to feed all these people?”

E. John 6:6-7 (NLT) 6He was testing Philip, for he already knew what he was going to do. 7Philip replied, “Even if we worked for months, we wouldn’t have enough money to feed them!”

F. John 6:8-9 (NLT) 8Then Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, spoke up. 9”There’s a young boy here with five barley loaves and two fish. But what good is that with this huge crowd?”

1. Philip sees only . Andrew begins to see .

2. always leads to want!

3. Barley was a bread.

G. “What did I see today that caused me to experience gratitude and wonder?”

H. John 6:10-13 (NLT) 10”Tell everyone to sit down,” Jesus said. So they all sat down on the grassy slopes. (The men alone numbered 5,000.) 11Then Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks to God, and distributed them to the people. Afterward he did the same with the fish. And they all ate as much as they wanted. 12After everyone was full, Jesus told his disciples, “Now gather the leftovers, so that nothing is wasted.” 13So they picked up the pieces and filled twelves baskets with scraps left by the people who had eaten from the five barley loaves.

1. God’s giving can never be by any kind of !

I. “Thanksgiving is not the result of perception; thanksgiving is the access to perception.” (Virginia Owens)

J. The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of ! It’s a kingdom of !

K. John 6:51 (NLT) “I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Anyone who eats this bread will live forever; and this bread, which I will offer so the world may live, is my flesh.”

II. Conclusion


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