Grow Up!

February 20, 2021   /   James Moscardini   /   Vineyard Church North Phoenix

Grow Up!

I. Introduction

A. Hebrews 6:1a (NLT)

II. What Maturity Is Not

A. Maturity is not just .

B. Maturity has nothing to do with .

C. Maturity has nothing to do with .

III. What Makes a Mature Person?

A. A mature person is under pressure.

1. James 1:2-4 (NAS)

2. John 10:10 (NAS)

3. James 1:12 (NAS)

B. A mature person is toward others.

1. James 2:8 (NAS)

2. I John 3:18 (NAS)

3. James 2:1-4 (NAS)

4. I Corinthians 13:1-3 (NAS)

C. A mature person tames his .

1. James 3:2 (NAS)

2. “Hearing something you about somebody you , and then repeating it to others.” (Gossip)

3. Ephesians 4:29 (NAS)

4. James 1:26 (NAS)

D. A mature person is a , not a troublemaker.

1. James 4:1 (NAS)

2. Romans 12:18 (NAS)

3. Reasons for conflict:


i. James 4:3 (NAS)


c. and selfish ambition

i. James 3:16 (NAS)


i. James 4:11-12 (NAS)

4. Why not judge?

a. Because I’m not .

b. Because only God has all the !

i. Proverbs 18:17 (NAS)

c. Because we don’t know people’s .

E. A mature person is patient, , and prayerful.

1. James 5:7 (NAS)

2. James 5:11 (NAS)

3. James 5:16 (NAS)

4. “It’s a strange thing that in our prayers we seldom ask for a change in – – but we almost always ask for a change in .”

5. Personal Evaluation:

a. How do you handle trials, problems?

b. Do you act loving toward other people?

c. Are you able to tame your tongue?

d. Are you a peacemaker or a troublemaker?

e. Are you patient, persevering, and prayerful?

IV. Conclusion


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