How to Choose the Right Life Partner

April 2, 2022   /   Brian T. Anderson   /   Vineyard Church North Phoenix

Relationships Made Simple
How to Choose the Right Life Partner

I. Introduction

A. 95% of all Americans get sometime in their life!

II. Common Myths People Have About Marriage

A. “Marriage will make me .”

1. People are trying to get out of something that marriage was never designed to do!

2. Only can a person!

B. “Marriage will make the whole.”

1. When you try to “rescue” your mate, sooner or later they feel !

C. “ has to be better than being married!”

1. I Corinthians 7:26-28 (NLT) 26Because of the present crisis, I think it is best to remain as you are. 27If you have a wife, do not seek to end the marriage. If you do not have a wife, do not seek to get married. 28But if you do get married, it is not a sin. And if a young woman gets married, it is not a sin. However, those who get married at this time will have troubles, and I am trying to spare you those problems.

D. “As a follower of Jesus, I can marry !”

1. II Corinthians 6:14 (NAS) Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness?

2. The Bible repeatedly teaches that people of should not people outside of the faith!

3. The researchers concluded that the a couple has in , the more successful and happy their marriage will be!

4. Foundational issues a couple must have in common:

a. in

b. A common for life

c. Common

III. Common Mistakes People Make in Choosing a Life Partner

A. Not taking enough to consider their decision

1. Proverbs 19:2 (NLT) Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes.

2. gives you a chance to work through various !

3. Whatever you don’t take the time to deal with you get married, you will have to deal with you get married!

B. Not paying enough attention to potential

1. Proverbs 14:8 (NLT) The prudent understand where they are going, but fools deceive themselves.

2. If your boyfriend is – – if he ever hurts you physically – – pushes you – – slaps you, etc. – – you don’t walk away from that relationship – – you !

3. The best predictor of behavior is behavior!

4. The only thing that ought to make a difference for you is a track record of actual behavior!

C. Failure to take enough

1. Proverbs 15:22 (NLT) Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.

2. Proverbs 26:12 (NLT) There is more hope for fools than for people who think they are wise.

3. We all need to help us see both strengths and shortcomings of a potential spouse!

4. Apart from your decision to receive Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of your life, there is no more you will ever make than choosing the right life partner!

IV. Conclusion


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