Sight: Physical & Spiritual

March 3, 2024   /   Pastor Brian Greenleaf   /   Washington Alliance Church

Physical: Matt 20:29-34

  • Open my that I may

Spiritual: Matt 21:12-17

What Angers God

  1. When we to do what He is asking of us (Exodus 4:14, James 4:17)
  2. When we (Numbers 11:1, Philippians 2:14-15)
  3. When we create (Exodus 20:3-4, Deuteronomy 32:21a, 1 John 5:21)
  4. When we His Word (Isaiah 5:20, 24-25, 1 John 5:3)

Good News

  1. God is to anger (Psalm 103:8-12)
  2. God’s anger is compared to His (Psalm 30:4-5)
  3. God’s anger towards us was by Christ’s death on the cross (Romans 5:8-9)

Sermon Talks

  1. What caught your attention in this week’s message? Was there something you had never heard before or something you had a question about?
  2. In Matthew 19:29-34, what did the two men want from Jesus? Why did the crowd rebuke them? How did Jesus respond? Once their request was granted, how did the men respond?
  3. What can we learn from this story? What step of trust in God do you need to take today regardless of how foolish others might think it to be?
  4. Reread Matthew 21:12-13. What led Jesus to do what He did in the temple? Explain.
  5. Is anger a sin? Explain. What did you learn about God’s anger?
  6. Go back and look at the four things that anger God. Were you convicted in any of those areas? Has the Holy Spirit been working in your life in any of those areas?
  7. What is so important to understand about the good news of God’s anger? What do these things mean to the believer?
  8. How is your spiritual sight? Do you have a heart that is affectionate for God? Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to make you inwardly strong today.

Pray about it: Meditate on God’s Word (Matthew 20:29-34, 21:12-17) and this week’s message.

Adoration: What can I praise God for in light of what this teaches me?

Confession: What sin can I confess because of what this teaches me?

Thanksgiving: What can I thank God for in light of what he has done?

Supplication: What do I need to ask of God in order to grow in light of this?

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