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May 31, 2024   /   Wellspring Church

WC Connect




What Is WC Connect?

Pastor Erin Rodgers

Wellspring Connect is how we develop people into spiritual maturity through daily personal encounters with God, so we can connect with God, hear His voice, and seek His presence first in all areas of our lives.

Through Wellspring Connect, you will learn more about our culture through some short videos. The next step is taking a few assessments that will give you insight into what your spiritual gifts are and how you best connect with God in your daily personal encounters. There is only one way to God, and it’s through Jesus — but in Jesus, there are many ways to connect with God.




Our Story

Pastors Chad & Erin Rodgers

Chad and Erin met in Daytona Beach, FL in 2002 in a very unexpected place. Their lives were filled with hurt from years of brokenness and disappointment. But what the enemy meant for evil, God has made good. When God brought Chad and Erin together, it was the beginning of a transformation that would change the trajectory of their lives. God began to heal all the broken places in their hearts, and in June of 2007, Chad and Erin were married.


In late 2008, Chad and Erin stepped into full-time ministry as worship pastors in the local church.  During this time, God began cultivating and preparing them for the calling God placed on their lives. After 13-plus years of full-time ministry serving as worship pastors and directors of a leadership internship program, God closed the door on that chapter of their lives to prepare them for what was next.

In early 2021, God began to speak to Chad about planting a church in their hometown of Lake City, FL. This was not something they were expecting, but knew that it was God ordained. In the spring of 2021, Chad and Erin began preparing and getting things in order to announce the plant of Wellspring Church.


God has been doing a mighty work and has continually blessed every step of faith that they have made as they engage in this new journey of their lives.

Their heart for the community is to see people have a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. Equip the Body of Christ for His service. Empower believers to walk out the purpose of their lives, and Engage a lost people, leading them into the loving arms of our Savior.




Our Vision

Our desire is to see people have a life changing ENCOUNTER with Jesus Christ. EQUIP the Body of Christ for His service. EMPOWER believers to walk out the gift and calling that God placed within them, and ENGAGE a lost generation, leading them into the loving arms of our Savior.




The Five

The 5 C’s of Wellspring Church

Pastor Erin Rodgers


We want to connect you to God, the family of Wellspring, connect you to the ministries of Wellspring Church and connect with YOU!



The culture of Wellspring Church is the Kingdoms culture!  Ours is made up of our vision, our beliefs, our values, our  purpose, our unique characteristics,  and our standards of leadership.



We are better together! At Wellspring Church we do community through (1) Groups   (2) eating together  (3) worshipping together and through (4) serving together.



Our fellowship commitments are to (1) attend church, (2) serve, and to (3) tithe faithfully.



There is a spiritual covering when you commit to the fellowship of Wellspring Church.




How We Do Ministry

Pastors Chad & Erin Rodgers

Our church leadership is set up with Chad Rodgers as Senior Lead Pastor and Erin Rodgers as Lead Pastor, as well as a board of pastors and leaders. We believe in unity or nothing! We have a board of elders and apostolic elders that oversee Wellspring Church.

(1) We believe Jesus is the Son of God.

(2) We believe that the Bible is the infallible Word of God.

(3) We believe in the Trinity. God the Father. God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

(4) We believe in ALL the gifts of the Spirit.

(5) We believe in a Biblical marriage, between one man and one woman.




How We Are

Pastors Chad & Erin Rodgers

(1) We are a presence driven church.

(2) We love people.

(3) We want what God wants.

(4) We empower women in ministry.

(5) We love Israel.




Our Leadership Standards

Pastor Chad Rodgers



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